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How to Maximise Kitchen Storage


Ten Brilliant Ways to Maximise Kitchen Storage Kitchens are filled with drawers, worktops and shelves but can frequently feel as if probably the most cluttered space within the building. This may be stressful when you are at the center of cooking and also you have to locate a specific pot lid or perhaps utensil. Additionally, it looks untidy and could turn what must be an area you like into a drag. It does not have to be however. We have got ten clever means to maximise your kitchen space to enable you to maintain everything assembled and tidy.

Improving Kitchen Design


Decluttering is essential. We are all hoarding a thing that we do not use often, if in the slightest, so simply bin it. Or perhaps promote it, give it to charity. Anything you decide to do, clean out broken or perhaps tired crockery, warped pans, duplicate utensils, and used appliances. Be ruthless, do not keep something’ just in case’. This level on its own is going to free up lots of space and enable you to optimise the kitchen of yours.

Turn the Sink right into a Worktop
Sink Worktops

The kitchen sink occupies a great deal of room in the kitchen. Whether it is just one bowl, incorporated into the worktop, or perhaps a traditional farmhouse sink, this’s an additional space that may be used. In order to maximise the use of its, locate a cutting board which works over the sink and you have got the best spot In order to chop ingredients for dinner. This will save you valuable space and also enables you to clean, chop and clean everything in one space.

Install Hooks Behind Doors
Kitchen Door Hook

The cupboards of yours can be optimised in a few ways. Among the most effective is to install hooks or racks on the interior of your cupboard doors. This’s perfect for hanging slim items as pot lids, roll holders, and spice racks. You can also plan out where you can install these racks and hooks for quick access.

Use Jars for Bulk Items
Kitchen Jar Storage

Kitchens could become cluttered with half empty bags of flour, pasta and rice. Investing in a number of huge glass jars for staples as cereals and grains is an excellent way to blend all those packets into one box. This looks tidy as well as allows you to stay up with what of one ingredient you’ve.

For a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach, take the jars of yours to a zero waste shop. These grocers are set out like a traditional sweet shop making it possible for you to pack the jars of yours with almost as you need. This reduces the reliance of yours on single use plastic and waste. There is no time like the present to purchase environmentally friendly alternatives, regardless of how small.

Install Rolling Shelves
Rolling Kitchen Shelves

A significant corner cupboard with extended shelves is excellent for storage but tend to be a pain when you are searching for a specific ingredient or pan. Upgrade your shelving with rolling shelves to help make finding what needed easier. At Kitchen People, we’ve a broad range of bespoke kitchen layout choices to modernise the kitchen of yours. Have a look and find out how we are able to transform a tired kitchen into a modern day oasis.

Divide The Shelves of yours
Shelf Dividers

Maximising your kitchen storage is normally only a case of ensuring all items have its place. This could fail the window when you are stressed, tired or perhaps just fed up. Dividers help keep order and also enable you to mark out where and just how things will fit. Cutlery dividers are commonplace but are not the sole method to organise a drawer. Pan dividers and cheap lunch or containers boxes may be used to organise cleaning solutions, spices, pans, sauces and essentially other things.

Dish Stacker

Tall cabinets have a great deal of wasted space. Stacking pans and pots on top of one another can make locating the best one annoying too. Stay away from both of these problems with a dish stacker. Easy and cheap to find, a dish stacker enables you to save numerous pans or pots without using up the entire footprint of the cabinet of yours.

Make use of the Full Wall Space

Your kitchen wall space may be optimised for storage and style. Pot hangers are a good centrepiece and create a kitchen experience homely but also enable you to store containers without wasting precious box space. Keep your favorite pots as well as pans on hangers for easy and quick access.

Much love cabinetry, your wall structure has a great deal of potential vertical storage. Installing a little shelf more advanced makes almost all of your wall space and also may be utilized to develop an eye catching feature. Spices, plants, perhaps several of that fine china you never ever get to use. This’s the best spot to show off.

Magnetic Strips are perfect for Knives, and Pot Lids Utensils

Ditch the clunky blade block and purchase a magnetic utensil strip. This invaluable wall storage solution is not only restricted to knives and could be utilized for container lids as well as metal utensils.

Switch to No Handle Cupboard Doors
No Handle Design

Last but not least would be to upgrade the kitchen of yours with no handle cupboard doors. Cabinets in corners can be considered a serious hassle with handles preventing you closing and opening doors efficiently. Modernise the kitchen of yours with some high quality kitchen cabinets and you will find the kitchen of yours grow in front of the eyes of yours.

Making almost all of your kitchen requires bit over clever design and imagination. Whether you maximise this with a bespoke fitted cooking area services or perhaps several clever cupboard hacks, a small amount of creativity and time are all that is needed to clean the clutter and develop a bit more breathing room.

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